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About us

We envision spreading awareness about music and benefits of learning music. We use music as a way to unwind and relieve stress, and also to train your mind to focus. And we believe that there is no specific age to learn. So why not make your dream of becoming a rockstar come true? Whether you’re a student or a working professional, we accommodate everyone. We have always supported our students to help them discover and create their own music.
We have chosen to keep our prices below that of most music schools; so that, students focus on their desire to learn. We also have special programs for the under-privileged who cannot afford the classes . We provide them the classes at a very low cost or sometimes for free.

Mission & Vision

Shiv Sangeet Classes that values all musical idioms and exploits the possibilities of live performances, training and technology to expand the reach of music overseen by a faculty and staff second-to-none. help each student come into confident possession of his innate talents, improve the skills needed for success in his/her life. Furthermore, we endeavor to expand the music opportunities available to all students and to enhance the quality of our communities musical life..

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